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Delivery time LEO LOVE, SPOOKY SAGE and POWDERY PINK: 4 - 6 weeks

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Why Little Casimir?

With LITTLE CASIMIR we want to support families in having space and time for the essentials. With our sustainable and smart baby and children's equipment, we conserve clothing, time and energy in the first years of life.

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Our products reduce laundry loads.


Thanks to our products, you don't have to constantly buy new clothes.


Our products fit for a long time and grow with you.


Cute and stylish design of our products.


Our products are versatile and can be used flexibly in a wide variety of situations.

creating connection

Our products give children freedom and strengthen the bond between them and their environment.

We want children to be supported in their pursuit of autonomy.

- Isabella & Josefin

Before, afterwards

Our motivation

We firmly believe that eating, playing and discovering together and the many other small and large routines and rituals that can be summarized under the term mindfulness make a difference in people's lives. That they contribute to more connection. Connection to yourself. And connection to each other. Mindfulness is essential for our individual and collective mental well-being. And should therefore be approachable and attractive to as many people as possible.

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