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Delivery time LEO LOVE, SPOOKY SAGE and POWDERY PINK: 4 - 6 weeks

About Us

Isabella & Josephine

We at Little Casimir

We, Josefin Ehlers and Isabella Halm-El Shikh, are entrepreneurs and mothers. In 2022 we founded our label LITTLE CASIMIR. We know from our own experience that our parents' batteries are often empty and that there is often little time for idleness in everyday life. We experience up close the challenge between the child's need for autonomy and the parent's longing for relief in the overcrowded everyday life. It quickly became clear to us: We need products that simplify everyday family life, enable the child to be independent and strengthen the bond between parents and child. Products that create real added value. Our first product is “Boo”, the smart and sustainable throw bib.

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Our history

When Isabella's twins were of complementary feeding age, feeding chaos began. Do you know that? Sure, the clothes don't stay clean. But do you know what we did? We took a simple fitted sheet, cut holes for arms and heads, and voilà - a protective shield for clothing! This crazy idea gave birth to "Little Casimir."

We brought a designer on board, created prototypes, and our own children were the first to test them for functionality and comfort.

Our first collection went online and the response was incredible! Our brand grew and became more mature and wild. We changed our logo and expanded the range.